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I wanted to share my journey as a working mother because I’d tried it all:  staying home full-time, working part-time from home, part-time outside the home, full-time outside the home and finally full-time from home.  In every situation, I made every possible mistake along the way (did I mention I learn things the hard way?), and so my hope is that YOU can benefit from my mistakes!  At least you’ll feel you’re not alone.

Along with my story, I share some great tips and resources, and follow up with self-coaching exercises you can do to achieve YOUR ideal work/family balance!  Here’s what others are saying about the book:

“Jenny opens up to us with her own story that is so very honest and touches your heart. It made me feel it’s okay to be myself and nothing more or less. I would definitely recommend to others! It’s a must read for not only working parents but anyone that has self doubt themselves.  I’d love to hear more of Jenny’s stories. They are truly inspiring.” Nozomi Morgan

“I would absolutely recommend this book to other working parents. Jenny provides simple strategies and ideas that I think would be helpful to many working parents.  It was perfect timing for me to read this right now! I would actually like for my husband to read it too! I felt like I could really relate to some of Jenny’s experiences which made me keep reading!” Lori Goldsmith

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A Working Mom Success Story

Last week, I wrote about Why you deserve to be happy and questions to ask yourself if you’re notSo what happens if you decide you’re NOT happy in your current work situation and you want to change it?  The very thought can be overwhelming to a lot of moms:  we have children to support, and some of us are single parents.  We also have to consider what will work for our families; if this job doesn’t allow me to have a good work/family balance, what will?  What does that look like for me?  Since I have already shared my journey to “having it all”, I wanted to share a success story with you from Kelly, who had a tough decision to make last summer.

Stacy has an 18 month old daughter, and was shocked by how much becoming a mom changed her life.  Before becoming a mom, Stacy had always been very successful in her career – when she found out she was pregnant, she was just about to begin working on her dissertation for her PhD.  Needless to say, becoming a mom put those plans on hold.  Stacy found herself torn between wanting to continue moving forward in her career and missing her daughter terribly during the day.  She said she was afraid that she would miss her daughter’s childhood.  Stacy was working outside the home, and didn’t feel like she was fulfilling her potential professionally.  Worse, she was bringing a lot of work home, and was so tired at the end of the day that she often fell asleep reading bedtime stories to her daughter.  She had no time with her husband, or for herself.  She wasn’t exercising or making time for relaxation and re-charging.

Stacy came to me needing to make a quick decision about whether to return to her current job for another year.  Though she didn’t want to go back, she wasn’t exactly sure what she would do instead, or how she and her husband would pay the bills in the meantime.  She also wasn’t sure about how or when to finish her dissertation.  Together, we looked at her goals for all areas of her life, prioritized and created a workable action plan.

In the end, she made peace with returning to her current job for one more year, but was able to create a plan for transitioning to working part-time, which would allow her time to spend with her daughter AND finish her dissertation.  Also, she’s making time to walk outside every day, has gone for a couple of hikes with her husband, and has successfully transitioned to having her daughter sleep in her own room – no more falling asleep during story time!  I am amazed by the progress Stacy made so quickly and wanted to share her story to inspire more moms to find that balance.  Please join me in congratulating her accomplishments – way to go, Stacy!

Key to finding your dream job: know yourself first

I know:  you’re thinking, “I know myself!”  You’re listing off your name, your job, your marital status, political affiliation, etc.  But if you don’t feel completely fulfilled in your current job, are dissatisfied with some aspect of your situation but not sure why, maybe it’s time to take a deeper look.  Often, life happens so fast that we don’t take the time to explore who we really are.  If you are confused about the future, not sure which direction to take, getting to know your authentic self is a great place to start.  Here are some ideas:

  1.  Interests:  list your hobbies, favorite activities, subjects.  If nothing comes to mind, what really grabbed your attention when you were a child?
  2. Values:  think of times you have felt successful in life.  What values were you upholding?  When something makes you angry, what values do you feel are being ignored?
  3. Heroes:  list the people you admire – they can be famous, or people you know personally.  What do they have in common?
  4. Strengths:  what do you like about yourself?  If it’s too hard to list many things, what do your friends and family say they admire about you?
  5. Skills:  what do you do really well?  What do you do that is unique, or that you do better than most others?
  6. Desires: What do you want?  What’s on your bucket list?  What do you want to be remembered for after you’re gone?
  7. Dreams:  If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
  8. Places and spaces:  Where and when are you most comfortable?  Most productive?
  9. Balance:  what is your ideal work/life balance?
  10. Put it all together:  look back at the answers you’ve given.  How can they be combined to reflect your core message – that is, what you want for yourself and to give to the world?  This is who you really are!