How do you recharge your batteries?

Starting my own business has been rewarding, exhilarating, and yes, frustrating and discouraging.  After a spate of “beginners’ luck”, the reality of starting a new business (as we recover from the recession) set in.  I’ve never been a patient person and  have quit many times before, so this is presenting some new challenges.  However, unlike earlier endeavors, this is one I wholeheartedly believe in, so I know that I owe it to myself not to give up.  I’m learning how to stay positive and focused on my goals when every cell in my body wants to lie down and cry.  Most of the time, this  is easier than it’s ever been, in part because I listen to my affirmations every night, I look at my “dream board” to remind me of my goals.   Also, I absolutely love what I’m doing.  Still, I’m human, and learning to stretch, challenge and make myself vulnerable like never before.  What do I do when I’m so discouraged  that nothing else seems to make me feel better?  I do the one thing that I know always helps:  go for a hike in the woods.

Whether I’m depressed, nervous, angry or confused, the brisk hiking releases tension.  The smell of the woods is my aromatherapy, and the sights, ever-changing with the seasons, distract me from unpleasant thoughts.  The blessed sound of silence is my meditation.

Though I know that to achieve my goals, I must stay focused on putting my thoughts into action, sometimes, when I hit a brick wall, this is the only way to back up and start going in the right direction again.  I know that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  But remember the Energizer Bunny commercial?  Even though he kept going and going, what the commercial didn’t show was that eventually his batteries, like all batteries, had to be recharged or replaced.  Hiking is how I recharge my batteries when they’re on empty.

It’s different for everyone.  People have told me they don’t feel right when they’re not taking photos, drawing, journaling, exercising.  It doesn’t matter what your recharge activity is, just that you have one, and more importantly, that you use it when you need it.  What do you instinctively know will make you feel better, even if you are thinking that you don’t have time to do it?  Sometimes, when nothing seems to be going right, you don’t have time NOT to recharge your batteries.

Try it next time you feel yourself spiraling down  into negativity.  Promise yourself that you will stop and do that one activity that you know will refocus you.  Imagine what you can achieve when you are staying positive and focused on your goals!


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